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Whole Life Profile


Personal growth and development

The Whole Life Profile™ (WLP), developed by Harrison Assessments, measures 5 spheres or areas of life and potential success.  The Whole Life Profile (WLP) is a personal growth assessment tool that allows individuals to explore areas of development, improving quality of life and expanding self-awareness.

The WLP™ is based on many years of research and delivers a personal life map that identifies our greatest life strengths and areas of imbalance in 5 areas of Life.  The five health spheres are potent arenas for personal development that promotes understanding of your greatest strengths, your greatest life challenges, which provide an overview that highlights the importance of success across all areas of life.

With this map we can assist you in self-discovery and aid you in understanding how to transform problems or obstacles into projects or journeys with a direct path to accomplishment.

The benefits of The Whole Life Profile™ (WLP):

  • Learn keys to psychological happiness – Achieve greater self-confidence and self-satisfaction.
  • Learn behaviors and attitudes for financial success and how your behaviors and attitudes compare.
  • Learn the key issues related to career success and how your inner strengths can catapult your career.
  • Learn how to succeed in a career you love and express your greatest talents in organizations.
  • Discover key factors that enable you to have fulfilling relationships and the ways in which you may be sabotaging yourself.
  • Discover how your physical health habits are affecting your happiness in all aspects of your life.
  • Learn how you can reach your full potential and personal life meaning.

The WLP™ is ideal for individuals interested in balancing their lives, as well as, for-profit and non-profit organizations offering Health and Wellness, Employee Assistance, and Work Life Balance programs. Bringing these aspects to light has a very liberating effect and can greatly assist you in understanding the beliefs of balance and whole life development in achieving their personal goals.

Talk to us as to how we can help your organisation with WLP.

For more information on the Whole Life Profile, please visit www.wholelifeprofile.com


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