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Career and Succession Planning


Career and Succession Planning

Boost your employee engagement and retain the people who will be the keys to your business in the future. Through succession planning, you are able to identify and develop high potential employees and leaders into important roles.

Engage and retain your employees with an internal career planning system, whilst providing HR with a fully qualified talent pipeline for succession planning.


Succession Planning – a proven solution

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions is a ready-made and proven solution to this challenge.  Harrison Assessment Talent Readiness System provides each employee with a career planning system that ranks each internal job according to his/her likely engagement. HR can access up-to-date talent pipelines that rank high potentials according to qualifications and behavioural competencies.


Career Path Development Planning

Harrison Assessments research shows that employees who enjoy 75% or more of their daily activities are 3 times more likely to succeed in their jobs and stay longer than employees who don’t. Therefore, the process of career planning and development provides a comprehensive analysis of work preferences, interests and interpersonal tendencies.


Matching Careers with Key Leadership & Technical Positions

We can derive the requirements for all key positions within the organization and then assess high potential employees for “readiness”. We can also identify “development career moves” so that key talent can gain the necessary exposure to company’s values, key leadership behaviours, and learn new technical skills.

Jobs and Careers – The Solution

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions automates a major part of talent acquisition, assessment, career mapping and succession planning.  Jobs, careers, assessment, talent pool and all the communication required in one place bringing full integration and cost efficiencies to talent solutions.

Succession & Career Management

Our succession planning is fully automated, enabling Learning & Development professionals to focus on key decisions rather than manually tracking the process. Excellent decisions are made due to having a complete view of current performance, education, skills and behavioural competencies as they relate to specific jobs. Employees can view your company jobs ranked in order, according to the jobs they would enjoy the most. They can then express interest in any specific jobs. Learning & development managers can quickly and easily see which internal candidates are most eligible and suitable for each open position.


Talent Pool Management

Imagine where you can put on show all the roles you need to fill now and in the future. These might include jobs that you continually hire for and those where you need to identify potential successors to key roles. Now imagine an employee portal where these jobs can be viewed and where they can evaluate their own eligibility and suitability for roles they are attracted to.

From the HR perspective you have full control. Employees take ownership of their career path, indicating interest in jobs and receiving accurate reports on development needs for specific jobs.  HR is able to clearly see who is interested in which role. This solves the problem of talent hoarding by giving visibility across the entire organisation, no matter how large or how global.


Why do we provide Career & Succession Planning with Harrison?

HATS provides a clear method of building a career development roadmap. Succession Planning is typically viewed as relating only to a few key positions. This is mostly due to cost and time constraints. Harrison Assessments offers a technology that automates succession planning, making it possible at many levels in the organization, while saving time and money. You can now consider all of your employees as potential successors! This is ideal for talent management, job placement, career-path, job rotation, and employee retention.


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