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Employee Engagement


Engage your employees to ensure positive outcomes for your business!

Employee engagement is the foundation for your people development strategy.  Engaged employees provide positive outcomes; increased productivity, lower absenteeism and staff turnover.  Engaged staff improves wellbeing for all concerned.

Research informs us that business with higher employee engagement levels have better results than those with low levels of engagement. These comparisons show us that improving engagement can benefit: customer satisfaction; profitability; productivity; turnover; absenteeism; safety in the workplace and quality output. High levels of organizational engagement will have a positive impact on employee wellbeing and vice-versa.

Defining, measuring and developing company culture through values

Does your organisation have values? Do they mean anything? Do employees live by the values, defend them and use them to make decisions? Do you recruit against your values?

Values can be very powerful in attracting and retaining talented people, but they must be authentically represented in the every-day actions of employees, from the top all the way down. Measuring values has always been difficult. You can certainly get a sense of whether employees are expressing your values as you walk about the organisation, but gauging how consistent this is across different parts of the organisation may be very tricky to determine – until now.

Your values can be represented by combinations of the 175 traits in the Harrison system, and this allows them to be measured. Trait scores can be exported and input to a Values Scorecard so you can map the progress made as employees become more closely aligned to the company values. It is now possible to not only define your values in a way that can be measured, but also developed through work-based assignments. The same measurement can be applied to the recruitment process ensuring, with a predictability as high as 95%, that new employees will both thrive in your culture and strengthen it.


We help educate businesses on this usually untapped business opportunity and how modest investments can realize significant returns in terms of the business outcomes mentioned above.


Organizational Analysis

We provide data driven analysis of organizational behavior related to employee’s expectations for themselves, how they are supervised and how they relate to the organization. This analysis can be organization wide, by locations, departments and work groups. Using these techniques we can track progress and improvement impact over time.


Improving Engagement

Utilizing the organizational analysis data to determine the current engagement level, we help develop focused engagement strategies to improve engagement. We believe this is the key to increasing employee retention and loyalty.


Measuring Engagement and Retention

Engagement and retention measurement is often subjective and unreliable and usually very expensive. Furthermore surveys are often anonymous in an attempt to raise the level of honesty in replies. This means that the data generated can at best give a generic view of the organization/group being surveyed but offers no reliable data upon which to base development plans because there can be no consultative process with the anonymous group.


The Solution

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) offers a new way to capture reliable data without the need for anonymity because the questions asked are in relation to working preferences and wants.

Using the HATS SmartQuestionnaire™,  data is gathered under 8 headings measuring expectations in the following areas – Development, Remuneration, Authority, Social, Appreciation, Communication, Personal and Work Life Balance. This data can be collected for individuals, groups or the whole organization.

The SmartQuestionnaire™ is based on ipsative principles which measure characteristics through a forced choice questionnaire requiring employees to choose between or rank various characteristics, rather than normative principles which allow employees to rate themselves on various characteristics and then compare these ratings against the self-ratings of other employees.  Using the ipsative approach leaves no room for subjectivity just highly accurate data upon which to design development and reward programs to retain and engage staff.


Why do we support engagement and retention improvement with Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions? (HATS)

HATS provides an understandable data driven methodology of measuring engagement and retention analytics. This helps support improvement actions that are meaningful to leaders and understandable to employees. Many engagement systems ask questions that employees find difficult to relate to their workplace and work colleagues.


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