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Hodges Advisory Services is an Adelaide based advisory firm specialising in strategy, planning, coaching, profiling and leadership development programs.
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A proven track record.

Finding someone you can trust to provide you with quality, honest and professional business advice is no mean feat.

Each consultant at Hodges Advisory Services is an experienced business professional, with an established record of success in various business management, consulting and/or executive roles. They now offer their considerable experience and knowledge to clients of Hodges Advisory Services. A measure of their success and a testament to their professionalism and demeanour are evident in the recommendations of past associates provided below.


Business Advising






Andrew is an incredibly talented and natural coach. He has a great ability to lead you to open up on issues and guide you through the development of very pragmatic action plans. 

His values- centred guidance challenged me to integrate my personal goals into my professional plans. I thoroughly enjoy working with Andrew and I highly recommend him as a coach for anyone serious about their learning and professional development.

Corinne Rico
GM – Retail - Simba Global 






I have recently been given the opportunity to work closely with Andrew to assist my growth as a leader within the Simba business. Andrew’s coaching has strengthened my ability to be successful in my role. Andrew will talk through challenges, provide a different lens and show you tools to use for improvement. 

The experience has been extremely positive and rewarding both professionally and personally, which I highly recommend to everyone.

Kelly Gorry
GM – Commercial - Simba Global 






My name is Kamal Somaia, I’m the Global CEO of Simba Global, a company that employs directly around 100 people. 

I commenced working with Andrew in 2016, when he did my Harrison Assessment and I found the process intriguing, thought provoking and a learnt a lot more about myself. 

I found Andrew’s approach very gentle and comforting and opening, along with being very perceptive and insightful and helped make me a better leader with these observations and findings. 

Thereafter, I had all my senior executives take the Harrison’s report to help me better understand their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for progress and enhancement. 

Over the past 3 years, Andrew has progressed to be a personal coach to many of my senior members at Simba and I have seen at all times positive and progressive changes in their own development and enhanced belief in themselves and what they are capable of when their full potential is explored and mentored by a coach. 

Andrew is a wonderful business coach and I would recommend his services to anyone looking to expand and unlock human potential within themselves or their team. 

Kamal Somaia
Group CEO – Simba Global 






Andrew has been working ‘one-on-one’ with three of my key direct reports for almost a couple of years now.

Together through a combination of their Harrison profile, their performance reviews and their growth aspirations, Andrew works with each of them: 

(i) To help them improve the essential and desirable traits they need not just for the current role, but their growth roles as well; 

(ii) To ensure that they learn to recognise situations that cause them stress, the tendency they have to alter their normal behaviour under this stress, and tools to cultivate so that they can respond under these situations rather than react. 

Each one of my direct reports love Andrew. Not just because of the growth in their self belief, but because they can see that their improvement is palpable. More than that, they know Andrew is always there for them. If they need his guidance, they don’t need to wait for the next session – he gives to them selflessly, just as a friend and mentor would. 

I love Andrew – because he is a great guy, and he gets me great results with my team.

Hiten Somaia
GM – Technical - Simba Global 






I’ve been fortunate enough that the business I work for believe in personal development, and as such was put in Andrew’s hands.  From the moment we first spoke about business, goals, family, core values, I knew I was in a safe and trusted space.  

The insight from the Harrison’s review of me to the role I was aspiring to was brutally honest and fair, and if read unaided would be hard to take, but Andrew’s ability to take you through the report logically and question you to make you look deep inside made the experience thought provoking and enlightening.  

It takes a considered and caring approach from an executive coach to allow you to become vulnerable but then learn to grow, and Andrew does this so well.  

Andrew’s experience is vast and allows for detailed conversations with great perspective. The results and change that I have seen in myself and others that have been with Andrew is amazing.

I would recommend working with Andrew to anyone who is keen to challenge themselves and grow to be a better person both professional and personally.

Darren Hall
GM – Procurement – Simba Global






Dear Andrew,

Just wanted to drop you a short note to say thank you for your coaching and guidance throughout the COVID-19 lockdown period. The way you helped break down the challenges of managing and mentoring my team was first class. 

Your firm but fair approach allowed me to reflect on my own leadership and make the necessary adjustments to achieve the desired outcome for both the staff and the company. You have been a wonderful asset for Simba and I would highly recommend your coaching to any organisation or individual who aspires for personal and professional growth.

Mehul Somaia
GM - Sales – Simba Global






Andrew is skilled at providing insights into your personal situation and identifying future opportunities so that you can confidently make decisions for your future. Andrew effectively combines the insights from HATS, an ability to skillfully interpret these results and a direct and open communication approach. He brings a passion to his work so that it is always apparent that his aim is to find the best outcome for you.

My initial involvement with Andrew was a review of my career and life situation that helped me take key decisions, which have revitalized my working life and set me toward the future I want. Over the three years since Andrew has worked with selected staff members. These were always valuable assistance to me as a manager. Andrew always involved me in a way that ensured that the staff member and myself had a strengthened partnership to move forward.

Andrew has also assisted other managers and staff across the department during a time of significant change. This has led to engaged and energized staff improving the organisation performance, with some staff making major changes that they had not previously been confident to consider.

Tom Carrangis
Urban Water Planning Manager – Department for Environment and Water 






I started with Andrew over 6 months ago and have already noted a tremendous change in my mindset and approach to various key issues and moments in my life, both personally and professionally. 

Andrew’s honest, direct and insightful approach helped not only to address my goals, but helped me identify a number of key blindspots that have been inhibiting me from getting to my full potential. I found that through his deep understanding and knowledge, he provides a methodological and concise framework that is attainable and achievable, no matter how long certain traits had been an intrinsic part of my behaviour. His mindset and understanding is beyond a regular coach, as he consistently goes above and beyond the scope of his role to ensure that his clients truly get the full benefits of the work.

Having worked with a number of executive coaches in my time, I can definitely say that Andrew is truly an exceptional coach, as he is not only interpersonal and professional in his approach, but he is determined and focused to ensure that you truly reach your real potential. 

Bindi Raja






When I began working with Andrew I had just re-entering the workforce after more than 10 years parenting leave. I first met him after completing the Harrison Assessment, which was provided to me as part of a team development program. I found that the results from the Harrison Assessment and Andrew’s interpretation were a frighteningly accurate in identifying both strengths and areas of performance vulnerability. 

I asked Andrew to coach me so that I could grow in the in the areas that, left unchecked, had the potential to undermine my performance in my areas of strength.

 Since working with Andrew I have noticed a shift in my mindset, this has helped me grow as a professional and as a friend, wife and mother. I have also gained skills in areas that are not my strengths. 

Andrew brings business experience, warmth, empathy and intelligence. He also gives frank and fearless feedback and advise. I have appreciated having someone available who I can test approaches to situations and strategies with who is not part of my immediate work or personal circle. 

Josephine Telfer






Andrew was engaged through my employer to help me to explore ways in which I could work to raise my profile in a positive way in a new role, helping me to devise strategies to ‘build my brand’.

The Harrison Assessment provided an intriguing insight into some of my defining personal traits and characteristics, allowing Andrew to guide me through an examination of my work practices and behaviours that affect my effectiveness and success in the workplace. With Andrew’s guidance the results helped me to understand more about myself, how to benefit from my strengths and how to work on traits that may have been limiting me. Andrew helped me to represent myself in a more positive way; to have more pride and confidence in my professional persona.

Andrew is consistently supportive and provides honest and candid appraisal and guidance. He provided support and advice exceeding my expectations, offering a sounding board and thoughtful, professional advice, not only during our consultation appointments, but as and when I needed it. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Graham Green
Principal Scientific Advisor – South Australian Government






I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Andrew initially through my employer and then in a private capacity. He is fantastic to work with, having genuine commitment and empathy, being direct and constructive with his feedback, and generous in providing tailored, ongoing support.

I have undertaken a few management assessments over my career and found the Harrison assessment by far the most nuanced and useful. Andrew’s interpretation of the assessment is first class and his ability to align the results with both my core capabilities and my current circumstances has been extremely valuable for me.

Working with Andrew has been very beneficial for me in rebuilding my confidence and assisting in managing a challenging career transition. He has taught me an enormous amount in a short period of time and I look forward to continuing the journey.

Anthea Howard






I offer my wholehearted recommendation for Andrew Hodges’ skills and capability as a Senior Executive Coach and Business Strategist. I met Andrew at time when I needed genuine and well considered professional career advice. He embraced my challenge and not only helped me to successfully advance but also demonstrated a genuine personal level of commitment to the task I faced.

I believe my success in this growth phase was greatly assisted by the professional and focused support Andrew provided. His skilful use of strategic tools including the Harrison Personality Assessment provided me with a structure that made sense of confronting challenges.

Andrew’s style and connection helped ensure that I got the most out of my personal review and career preparation. He stayed focused with regular, unprompted checks on my progress and valuable guidance at key times including pre-interview preparation.

Key benefits of the coaching Andrew provided to me include:

  • Generous support and readily available to assist at any time
  • Thoroughly appreciated my goals and kept me focused on the big picture
  • Challenged my thinking and encouraged me to strive harder
  • Realistic role playing and preparation for interviews
  •  Inspired me to present with confidence and to the best of my ability.

Andrew actively engaged me in a very positive period of personal reflection and development. I am delighted with the outcomes and gratefully acknowledge his part in helping me to achieve a successful result.

Tony Wilson
Consultant – South Australian Government






I had the opportunity to be mentored by an encouraging and motivating leadership coach, Andrew from Hodges Advisory Services. In 2015, I completed the Harrison Assessment on Job Success. This assessment helped shape my transition process in a great way. Andrew was able to provide further personal feedback on the assessment which was truthful and honest, highlighting my weaknesses and strengths. He, thereafter, assisted and guided me in improving these weaknesses and building on my strengths.

Subsequent to the assessment, I was highly impressed by Andrews’s incredible feedback and began a one- on-one training session with him in 2016. Andrew was able to teach me the right way to lead. He taught me that leadership is a worker-centred process that formulates a long-term vision for the corporation and motivates the employees to work in line with the objectives. Communication is key to achieving these essential requirements.

He worked on polishing my communication skills, delegation of authority and motivation skills and aided me in enhancing my skills to speak out and voice my opinion. In addition to this, he taught me that delegation of authority supports a heavy workload and helps the team move ahead with synergy. Moreover, motivation enables individuals to further enhance performance and deliver better results.

Andrew has been a truly excellent coach, his personal style made learning enjoyable and would recommend Andrew to other growing businesses and personnel looking to grow and develop their professional skills.

Naresh Raja
Chief Financial Officer – Simba Global






I first met Andrew in 2015 when I completed the Harrison Assessment – Job Success Assessment (JSA) as part of a workplace initiative. Andrew provided the assessment tool and facilitated a reporting, feedback and coaching session.

I was very impressed with Andrew straight away. He has a great energy, business smarts and a positive attitude that is very engaging. I got so much out of that coaching session, I just wanted more! I engaged Andrew for some further sessions.

Andrew has really helped me to gain some clarity and focus around my career goals. Andrew provided honest and professional advice, and has challenged me to look at things differently. I refer to my JSA profile report regularly and continue to use Andrew as a trusted sounding board.

I would highly recommend working with Andrew and utilising his professional specialist services

Val Geraghty
Business Development Manager – Jobfit Health Group






During 2015, I had the personal experience of completing a Harrison Assessment Job Success Analysis (JSA) for a Management Profile, and had the pleasure to meet Andrew Hodges who Jobfit Health Group engaged.

I have also had the privilege to be coached by Andrew during the last 3 months (2016), to identify further areas of improvement, via Mindshop – which was Personal Improvement, Leadership and owning “my own shop”.

This experience has been extremely rewarding, and I am revived, re-freshed, and achieving all goals professionally and personally, thanks to Andrew’s extreme support, values, understanding, strong communication, and that nothing is ever too hard to achieve!

I so highly recommend Andrew, professionally and personally. Has been an amazing journey!

Career balance vs life/home balance is fabulous, can’t thank you enough Andrew!

Tamra Forward
Client Relations & Operations Manager – Jobfit NT






Three months into my new role of Chief Executive I finally admitted to myself that I couldn’t do it all. There wasn’t enough hours in the day to run the daily operations of the Council, meet the next deadline for Council reports, conduct my daily meetings with staff and community, deliver community and infrastructure projects, create revised Long Term Financial Plans and Annual Business Plans and implement change in the form of savings and efficiencies and organisational restructure.

I had previously engaged Andrew Hodges from Hodges Advisory Services for career development and coaching for myself and my team so again made contact with Andrew as a much needed sounding board. Andrew and I were able to get together the next day and I received my much needed coaching and also quickly learnt of his Business Advisory services and together we formulated a plan that would produce results.

Over the next three months, Andrew delivered the complete package, he was that sounding board I needed, a coach to myself and my team, he deep dove into the business to provide a new perspective and deliver savings and efficiencies, and together with the assistance of the Harrison Assessment Job Success Analysis (JSA) get the right people into the right roles within the new organisational structure that we formulated together. Andrew’s KPI was to reduce the number of hours I was working and he has delivered.

Andrew’s advice and actions are always honest, proactive, thought provoking and at times humorous. Andrews customer service was second to none as he always made himself available to receive or return my calls. With Andrew on board I am now able to take the business to where I need it to go and the future is exciting for the organisation and the community.

I should have contacted him earlier.

Nigel Morris
Chief Executive - District Council of Yankalilla






Andrew’s brief was originally to provide a Harrison’s Assessment and coaching services to facilitate my progression to an internal management role.  Andrew’s clear breakdown of the assessment was revelatory and on point.  His familiarity with the product is exemplary.

The 6 months I spent in the one-on-one coaching sessions were extremely valuable in many unexpected ways, leading me through layers of conscious thought on many aspects of my life; not just work.  The benefits for work were increased confidence and a definite change in my thinking patterns and the development of my attitude towards fulfilling a meaningful management role.  We crossed the bridge!  Andrew was also instrumental in the definition and delivery of a significant work project and our company was able to incorporate the Harrisons system as a very valuable tool in our workforce development and succession planning as well as recruitment.  Andrew’s professionalism is balanced by a calm approachability and innate faith in his capabilities.  His follow up service is amazing and his customer service ethos is superb.  

I highly recommend Andrew’s services to anyone actively seeking assistance in the professional development of their management team.

Christine Laughton
Workforce Planning & Development Manager






After seeking advice from Andrew Hodges at Hodges Advisory Services, his professionalism and experience towards business strategy and personal improvement were evident immediately. Prior to discussing the position of the company and its goals/issues, the first step in the process was to evaluate my suitability to the role of Managing Director/CEO within my company. This was done through the Harrison Assessment system and proved invaluable when determining areas of improvement personally, that would in turn influence my performance professionally. The report that accompanied the assessment also provides a resource that I can refer to for continued attention towards my personal improvement over time.

Following the Harrison Assessment, the next step was a meeting with Andrew, my business partner and I to discuss the goals for both ourselves, and our company. Through discussion, and by referencing the Harrison Assessment report, Andrew immediately determined the priorities for improving business performance such as cash flow, opportunities to increase revenue and reducing time loss.

Furthermore, he provided clarity towards our business goals from which we were able to document them and consider the strategies from which we would achieve them.

Andrew provided ‘conversation style’ troubleshooting to illuminate issues, time loss and areas requiring improvement within the business both front of house, back of house and management. It was an eye opening experience to see how some small but important changes can influence large and almost immediate improvements in our daily operations, and most importantly…cash flow.

We will continue to utilise the skills and knowledge that Andrew has to offer as our business continues to grow over the coming months/years. We place high value on the service that he provides through Hodges Advisory Services and the results that are generated. I personally, can highly recommend Andrew and would encourage any business owner who is either experiencing growth or contemplating it, to utilise Andrew’s value.

Scott White
Managing Director – Creative Serum Pty Ltd






As a part of our organisation moving to add psychometric testing to our service range I completed a  Harrison Assessment Job Success Analysis (JSA) for a Upper Management Profile with the goal of personally experiencing the product. 

I have been in senior management roles for over 15 years and found the analysis a revelation. The JSA results were as expected for a senior management role and endorsed the strengths required for this level of management. However, the most useful information was the identification of  areas for improvement. To address these areas of improvement I undertook three personal professional coaching sessions with Andrew Hodges and gained access to the “Mindshop” platform.

I was able with Andrew’s advice and coaching, to undertake a range of courses in both self-development and business knowledge. The three monthly, hour long coaching session via Skype provided the opportunity to review my progress through the activities and training modules on the Mindshop Platform. I personally enjoyed the freedom of working through the various tools on Mindshop and completed a sales performance course and personal improvement course. I found that the personal and professional coaching and Mindshop platform to be cost effective and of the highest quality, rivalling any courses that I have attended.

I would highly recommend to anyone whether personally or professionally using Harrison Assessment JSA, Profile, professional coaching and the Mindshop learning platform in-conjunction with Andrew Hodges’ experience in all three of these facets to help any individual move to the next level in their professional and personal life.

Debra Carrier
State Manager WA/NT - JobFit






Andrew’s explanation of the results of a Harrison Assessment provide valuable insight into my own capability and strengths in addition to specific advice on addressing potential barriers to advancement. I am very impressed the power of this tool and Andrew’s ability to hone into key traits for a focused discussion of how these play out in different circumstances.

The experience has been extremely beneficial and I appreciated Andrew’s honest, supportive approach and on-going advice. 

Debbie Hall
General Manager - Northern Territory - CPA Australia Ltd






I first met Andrew in 2013 when the company he was managing were one of our engineering consultancy service suppliers. Andrew and I got to know each other over the space of 6-12 months and it very quickly became apparent to me that Andrew was a strategic thinker. Every time I’d catch up with Andrew he’d ask me about the problems I was facing in the workplace, some of which I’d already mulled over for days without finding a solution. Over the course of an hour or so Andrew would be my sounding board; he would challenge my thinking with “outside the box” suggestions and help me find solutions myself.  

Given the value I got out of my time one to one with Andrew, when he started Hodges Advisory Services, I was keen to bring him on-board in some capacity to help the business. With his extensive corporate sales expertise, I decided I’d bring Andrew on-board to help mature our business development and sales capability. Being a project-based engineering organisation, for 14 years we never had a dedicated business development and sales function or role. We still grew very quickly though, due to our commitment to our clients and service excellence, but the major issue for us was the consistency of revenues and we were simply not placing enough emphasis on identifying and positioning ourselves for opportunities early enough. Andrew helped me understand the need for a business development / sales capability, the need to separate the project delivery and business development / sales functions and the value we could generate for both the business and our clients in doing so. Andrew is now mentoring my business development / sales person and already I’m seeing a marked improvement in his ability to generate leads and execute opportunities. We now have a structured sales process and most importantly, a strategic focus on sustainable business winning. 

All in all, Andrew is an insightful, passionate, results orientated individual who gives the job at hand his all. He understands people and his ability to problem solve and generate innovative “outside the box” solutions, particularly on the people side of the business is exemplary. Whether it be one to one or to help your team, if you choose to bring Andrew on-board I’m confident you’ll find he’s a huge help in taking your business to the next level.

Emilio De Stafano
General Manager - Smart Fabrication






Ducon first engaged Andrew Hodges firstly to run the Harrison Assessments on our Leadership team and provide follow up sessions with each of the team to talk about their results. 

Following on from the one on one feedback sessions, Ducon engaged Andrew to run a session with the team to identify the team’s overall strengths and weaknesses.  The results from this workshop were very beneficial and triggered the leadership team to engage in further training to enhance their skill set.

Andrew’s understanding of the Harrison Assessment tool is outstanding and the way in which he reads and conveys the results is done in a friendly and honest manner and he really manages to understand the person, their key traits and how they react to situations very well.  I have received feedback from many of our staff who have said how insightful and helpful they found their feedback session and how it has made a huge difference in the way in which they now operate. 

Since first engaging Andrew, we have adopted the Harrison Assessment tool for all of our recruitment campaigns.  Using this tool has seen us recruit some outstanding staff in a more cost effective and efficient manner than ever before.

I would highly recommend Andrew and the Harrison Assessment for any companies looking to either recruit talent or to better understand how their current staff work and the roles in which they are best suited to.

Natalie Jones  
HR & Operational Systems Manager – Ducon






I have engaged Andrew Hodges on several occasions for senior leadership development. Andrew is a great coach for Managers and is highly pragmatic in working with people to motivate them to take action to achieve their goals. Andrew uses the Harrison Assessment tool to give a unique insight into the interactions between personality traits and then using that information to raise an individual’s awareness of themselves and to develop  strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness and ability to get things done. I have found the Harrison tool powerfully effective compared to other personality profiling tools as it provides greater clarity around your sometimes contradictory traits and it gets to the heart of those behaviours that may be helping or hindering you in your specific role and ranks the importance of those behaviours for your role.

The combination of the Harrison Assessment tool with Andrew’s senior management background and strategic focus allows him to deliver great results when working with Managers to clarify and achieve the goals of the organisation.

Michael Williams  
Ex General Manager Operations – Adelaide Brighton Limited






I recently took the Harrison Paradox Assessment through Hodges Advisory Services. It has provided me with an informative insight into  aspects into my personality traits which I was only partially aware. The Harrison Assessment has helped me understand myself as a person and learn more about my strengths and limitations. As a result, I’ve now put together a plan, focusing on improving the areas of my personality traits that will make me a more effective and efficient HR Professional in the future. I found the experience extremely beneficial and rewarding, in particular when discussing the results with Andrew. He is very supportive and honest along with having a deep understanding of the Harrisons Assessment tools.

Christine McEvoy   
HR Coordinator - Smart Fabrication






As a precursor to our recent strategic planning process, dmca engaged Andrew Hodges to perform a Harrison Assessment with our 3 Directors which proved extremely valuable. It has enabled us to confirm & acknowledge our personality preferences and has helped solidify our leadership team. Andrew also facilitated a planning day for the Directors which was a valuable lead-in to our strategic planning activities.  

Andrew was willing to tackle the ‘difficult’ issues & challenge our thinking which is a very important trait for any advisor.

Angela Grogan B.Com CA CTA
Director, dmca Pty Ltd






I recently collaborated with Andrew on a consulting assignment.  Andrew is astute, insightful and his commitment to delivering value to the client is second to none.  In addition to his intellect, Andrew’s abundance of experience and good humour make him a pleasure to work with and also enable him to speak the truth in such a way that people listen.

Jackie Gordon
Organisational Psychologist - JackieGordonConsulting.






It has been my pleasure to know Andrew since mid 2013 when he joined my team of Harrison Assessments Distributors.  Andrew demonstrated his ability to commit and provide leadership from day one.  He joined us with a lot of valuable business, sales and coaching experience behind him and he’s been generous in sharing that knowledge and expertise with others.  Andrew developed his report interpretation skills very quickly, achieving Expert Certification level faster than most.  His natural drive and leadership ability gets results.  He has a genuine desire to help others and that shows in the results he gets whether it be with individuals or corporate teams.  I enjoy working with Andrew and I hope he will be a HA colleague for many years to come.

June Kitto
Director, CareerFit - Master Distributor for Harrison Assessments.






Andrew Hodges is a quality operator who’s enthusiasm for achieving fantastic client outcomes and overall ‘energy’ is infectious. Through my time knowing Andrew he has proven to be a person who does what they say they will and continuously educates himself with the knowledge required to achieve both his own goals and those of his clients. Andrew is a good communicator with a can do attitude. His broad depth of business experience means there is not many issues or opportunities he has yet to tackle in an organisation. Andrew is certainly somebody I would be confident to recommend to assist business large and small in developing and implementing strategy successfully.

James Mason
Managing Director, Mindshop








I have recently engaged Hodges Advisory Services to advise in recruiting a new Strata Manager. I am very pleased with the service I received. Not only did we use the service to find the right person, we also benchmarked our Managers to ensure the new person would fit in and have the right skills that I needed to grow the business. Andrew, used Harrison Assessments to assess the staff and was also was involved in the final interview process. If you are looking for a professional selection and benchmarking process, give Andrew a call as his company has the tools and knowledge to ensure the right person is hired.

Sharon Ellis   
Principal - Best Strata


Career Development





Andrew is a great guy who genuinely cares for his clients and takes pleasure in seeing them succeed. I took the Harrison assessment to better understand myself and whether my plans for university study were suitable. I was amazed at the accuracy of the results. While I was impressed by what it taught me about myself academically, I benefited most from what I learnt about the way I behaved in different situations and my personality traits.

The debrief session with Andrew was honest and allowed me to realise the strengths I possess which will help me succeed. Discussing my weaknesses was also beneficial as it allowed me to think of ways to improve myself. I have no doubt that Andrew has been part of the reason I have achieved what I have in the last six months, and highly recommend his services to those who want to learn more about themselves in order to achieve success.

William Reid
First Year Civil Engineering Adelaide University





Towards the end of 2017, I lost some of my interview confidence after a bad experience and receiving unhelpful feedback. I contacted Andrew and within a few sessions I was back on track. I thank and appreciate Andrew for working his magic and putting me back together. Through Andrew’s careful and supported guidance he restored my confidence and put me back on track. Andrew gave me tips and exercises to undertake to prepare me for my next job interview. Andrew also challenged me in positive ways to be my best. Even though he is in South Australia and I’m in Queensland, Andrew was always available on the phone whenever I needed his assistance or had a question. Andrew would also check-in to see how I was travelling.

I have now achieved my career goal and started a new role, and look forward to setting my next goal and continuing my journey with Andrew’s guidance.

Cheryl Douyere





I initially took the Harrison Assessment after I hit a small road block in my career. The assessment gave me a better understanding of my working style and it clarified my strengths, but also gave me areas I needed to improve  on that was spot on the money. Andrew’s straight up approach and feedback assisted with a career move where I was able to seek his advice and direction through an interview process. This gave me greater confidence and led to a successful outcome from the first attempt. The coaching I received was extremely beneficial in helping to obtain this position.   

Andrew was extremely thorough in the way he goes about his work and it was a pleasure to work with him.

Paul Smitheram
Senior Engagement Advisor





The Harrison survey read me like a book, and I found it helpful to further understand how I work, my preferences and strengths, and also what I could improve in myself. It helped to affirm the decisions I am making in my study and dispelled any doubts that were starting to creep in.

Harry Flynn






The survey worked wonders. It was clear and precise considering how little time it took to complete. Andrew was there to help explain and guide me through the results and it was pretty close to the mark! It clarified my strengths and my weaknesses and it didn’t stop there. The results provided clear explanations as to what careers I could do down the track. This survey is such a worthwhile experience and it will lead you to success in your own way. 

Eli Flynn






I initially took the Harrison assessment to see if my planned University course was a suitable fit for me and perhaps open my eyes to any other courses I hadn’t previously thought about. The  Harrison assessment not only helped me think about my future in this way, but helped me understand myself as a person, and learn more about my strengths and weaknesses.

The debrief session with Andrew was a great way to learn about the information in the report that I would not have thought about on my own. I would most definitely recommend it to anyone looking to learn more about many aspects of themselves.

Nathan Reid
First year Electrical Engineer Student University of Adelaide 2014






I recently engaged Hodges Advisory Services to undertake a Harrison Assessment to analyse my suitability in returning to a career within the architecture industry. I found the experience extremely rewarding, particularly when discussing the analysis results with Andrew.

His knowledge and deep understanding of the Harrison Assessment tools proved invaluable in identifying my strengths whilst simultaneously helping me to realign specific professional behaviours to be more effective in the future.

Michael Diakomichalis






Andrew guided me through the Harrison Assessment review during his personal time on a Sunday as it was the best time that I could attend. Although it was his personal time, this had no effect on his professional and invaluable review.

Andrew has a contagious passion for what he does, he was incredibly clear and concise and encouraged feedback throughout the entire process while maintaining challenging questions to not only think about where you would like to go with your future but as to who you are and how to improve yourself to improve your future – all the while, exciting you at the possibilities as he was excited for you.

As a University student in the home stretch, knowing my strengths and weaknesses is incredibly important to assimilate smoothly into the working culture whilst achieving your potential. I understood my strengths and weaknesses to an extent, but Andrew’s review provided personal, relatable analogies that occurred to him in his own life to act as paradigms in order to help me fully understand each point of the report – not only the parts of the report that I didn’t fully comprehend.

Andrew used my current degree to cross reference it with other degrees, my strengths and my weaknesses in order to make me feel as if I had received a personally tailored, unique review rather than a generic analysis of the report. The Harrison Assessment tool coupled with Andrew is incredibly powerful in understanding yourself and areas you can improve on to improve yourself and your future and ultimately it was a lot of fun too! I would highly recommend Andrew to any of my friends or colleagues without hesitation.

Alex Ramos
Fourth Year University Student






Andrew and the Hodges Advisory Services have helped tremendously with gaining a clearer direction and understanding concerning potential pathways I can consider undertaking in my life.  

His service assisted in helping me work through the clutter in my mind and using the insights from the analysis and assessment of my interests and values as a navigation tool, Andrew was able to provide me with many occupations that I hadn’t even thought about prior to the assessment that would be extremely interesting and fulfilling career choices for my particular personality and values.

All in all, using the Hodges Advisory Service has been a very beneficial and informative means by which I have gained greater confidence and direction. It has provided me with a number of clear and compelling options to explore as I plan for the next stage of my life and it has also provided the navigation tool allowing me to make more informed decisions along the way.

Matt Ramos

Harrison Assessment Consultants






I’ve known Andrew Hodges for nearly 20 years. Over the course of that time Andrew and I have had various interactions as adversaries in the servicing of large end users in the Gas and Electricity Markets in Australia.  More recently I have come to know Andrew as a leadership and talent development and coaching specialist.

Andrews has been running a very successful coaching and predictive analytics business for talent development for corporate and SME businesses for many years now.  Our business was fortunate to be recruited, trained and coached by Andrew in all things Harrison Assessments and we were, with his help, able to leverage his knowledge and coaching skills to build our own business. 

Andrew is an exceptional leader and was able to guide our business and get us up and running and firing on all cylinders in double quick time. His first-class advice and guidance augmented by excellent coaching techniques helped us be in a position where we too are doing work that is meaningful in contributing successfully to the development of business leaders and their teams.

I have no hesitation in endorsing Andrew Hodges. 

Bill McLellan
Director – WhyQ2






Since implementing HATS as part of my internal recruitment and staff development process, I have transitioned from having a fairly high staff turn over to zero turn over in the past 18 months.

During this time, HATS has helped me eliminate candidates I would have otherwise accepted into my team, it’s allowed me to more effectively manage people who were already on my team at the time of implementation (i.e. the insights into peoples’ traits and preferences has allowed me to proactively play to their strengths and minimise their weaknesses, before some behaviours could have a negative impact).

I continue to use HATS and highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about building a great culture and a highly effective team aligned to that culture.

Simon Derrick-Roberts   
Executive Director - BNI Australia






I approached Andrew to assist me in building a better cultural inside Advise Accountants.

The team and myself undertook the Harrison’s Assessment under Andrew’s guidance. It was the best thing we have done. We shared the results among the team and gave better appreciation of how we can work together. In fact I was so impressed we have since used Andrew to assist us with the hiring of 4 new team members.

We also conducted Harrison’s Assessment with our key clients. As an Advisory firm, Andrew has opened our eyes on how to be better advisors. In fact we will now be building a recruitment business for our clients in the coming months based on what Andrew has taught us. I would have no hesitation in recommending Andrew. He is the ultimate professional and a great mentor.

Matt Sharwood   
Director - Advise Accountants






I have been working with Andrew Hodges of Hodges Advisory Services for over two years now. Andrew is a thoughtful and commercially savvy person who has helped me establish a thriving recruitment and coaching service in my business through the use of Harrison Assessments.

Andrew’s knowledge of the Harrison Assessments process is first class as is his ability to be innovative with its applications. He has helped me refine the way my business delivers the service and has provided insight into the subtleties of the reports the system generates.

I would recommend Andrew to anyone in the consultancy business who would like to expand their services by offering a truly objective system to analyse people’s behavioural and personality traits to enhance their coaching and or recruitment business.

Tony Speirs   
Grange Gold Business Advisory






We at Business by Design have been working closely with Andrew Hodges of Hodges Advisory services for over 12 months. Andrew has been a great resource and mentor to enable us to establish Harrison Assessment seamlessly into our business model. Andrew has a deep understanding of how to use Harrison Assessments.

We use Harrison Assessments in the Coaching and Recruiting space, we have had great success with our clients. We are grateful to have Andrew as our Solution Partner, we have no hesitation in recommending Andrew in helping you establish a Harrison Assessment model into your business.

Nikki Tomasoni   
Customer Service Manager - Business By Design

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