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Hodges Advisory Services is an Adelaide based advisory firm specialising in strategy, planning, coaching, profiling and leadership development programs.
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People Managers


Managing Human Resources

Hodges Advisory Services can help people-managers (Human Resource professionals and business leaders) identify and leverage talent in all aspects of the business.

Let us:

  • Help you use proven tools to attract and select talent who will fit into the job role and culture of your business.Help you analyze each job (within the context of your team or organizational culture) and then create algorithms to match people to your specifications.
  • Help you leverage assessment data through the employees’ entire  work lifecycle to engage and motivate them according to their unique preferences and strengths and help bridge gaps that may be standing in the way of their success.
  • Help you demonstrate the leadership potential of your employees, including their blind spots that can de-rail leadership effectiveness.
  • Help you produce customized development plans that build skills, increase personal awareness, and balance low performance pitfalls.
  • Help you build more effective teams through metrics, team profiling, leadership transparency, and peer-to-peer coaching.
  • Help you set up succession planning systems that maximize internal mobility based on core competencies and motivation.

We believe these assessment-driven approaches consistently reduce harmful turnover and lift employee morale.

Talk to us, so that we can help you in any of the above mentioned areas.


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