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Talent Recruitment


Want to hire the right people for your business?

Would you like certainty in the people you hire, will perform? How would you like to hire people that are three times more likely to succeed? What about a cost effective hiring solution?

We know job candidates are looking for more than just a job. They want a company that will value their contribution and support their career choices, they want an employer who recognizes the importance of work/life balance, where there are opportunities to develop and grow, and above all they want a Manager who knows how to support and draw out their best performance with appropriate challenges and development initiatives.

So how can we match the needs of the Employee and Company’s needs?

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions is the answer!

It integrates talent acquisition, development and careers all in the one place making it easy to fulfill the aspirations of talented people in an organisation. It enables you to attract and identify talent that is more than 3 times as likely to succeed. Save up to 80% of recruitment time and provides pre-screening and ranking applicants according to their levels of qualification, behavioural competency and engagement.


Recruitment Campaigns

Hodges Advisory Services provides a comprehensive candidate search and assessment project using the Harrison Assessments Talent Solution. We provide final interview questions that drill down to candidates’ core capabilities.


The Secret to Recruitment Assessment

Harrison Assessments’ approach to recruitment assessments is to uses SmartQuestionnaire™ technology with an in-built consistency check to ensure only the best fitting candidates are selected for short-listing. This is done on-line converting data into a simple to read scores so that selecting the best fit is very easy. This functionality comes at minimal cost when compared to conventional methods of CV checking and interview and removes much of the subjectivity.


Assessment & Selection Services

Full assessment and selection support using Harrison Assessments for “in-house” recruitment campaigns. We can provide selection support and advice. This also includes final interview questionnaires and one to one support.

Talent Acquisition – Get it Right First Time

HATS introduced the concept of measuring for suitability as well as eligibility. Dr. Dan Harrison has proved that the success rate of talent acquisition can be increased from 40-45% to 90-95%.  Unsuccessful candidates can be kept in the pipeline for future or alternative requirement.

Recruitment campaigns can be set up using both eligibility factors and suitability factors or just suitability if preferred.

Looking for a low cost, high quality solution for recruitment campaigns?

Anyone sifting through piles of CV’s is doing so an unnecessary and time consuming task. With HATS applicant tracking you can now automate the entire front-end of recruitment campaigns right up to your final short-listed candidates.  A simple web link is placed on job boards, on your website or anywhere you want to attract candidates. All applicants answer pre-customised eligibility and suitability questionnaires and are also able to upload their CV and application letter too.

They will all appear in a fully integrated system in a way that can be easily tracked, assessed, ranked and processed.  All unsuccessful applicants can be batch processed using email.


Suitability Benchmarking

We can benchmark key organisational roles and provide a job success profile that gives you the DNA of what makes your top performers stand out from the rest. These traits can then be used to hire new employees, with a greater probability your new hires will be like your current top performers.

All our services provide you with information that is the key when attracting the best talent to your business. As well as final interview questions, we provide information on how to attract your preferred candidate and how to manage and develop them once they are employed by you.

Benchmarking Top Performers for Recruitment

If you have high performing people why not benchmark them for recruitment? What is it that causes them to perform consistently well? Using Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions we can help you benchmark exactly which traits make them successful.

We create Job Success formula (JSA) which is used to assess new candidates for the role.  Our research indicates HATS typically achieves a 0.6 correlation. In a global study benchmarking 95 sales managers across 33 countries HATS achieved a 0.81 correlation with existing performance data. This data is now used to recruit future Sales Managers.

Why do we hire with Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions? (HATS)

HATS System

HATS allows us to help you find high quality candidates at a very competitive cost. Hiring the “right” talent is often a lengthy and costly process. Getting it wrong can be disruptive to a business. The Harrison Assessments Talent Solution introduces the concept of measuring for suitability as well as eligibility, increasing the success rate from 40-45% up to 90-95%!

Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions integrates Hiring, Development and Careers all in one place making it easy to fulfil the aspirations of talented people in your business.

Save up to 80% of recruitment time by pre-screening and ranking applicants according to their levels of qualification, behavioural competency and engagement.

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