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Hodges Advisory Services is an Adelaide based advisory firm specialising in strategy, planning, coaching, profiling and leadership development programs.
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Harrison Assessments


The perfect match – Hodges and Harrison

Hodges Advisory Services is in partnership with Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions.

Harrison Assessment Talent Solutions (HATS) is a highly accurate assessment tool designed specifically for assessing job performance at selection or recruitment and when managing, developing and coaching employees. It provides the ability to predict an individual’s likelihood of success at multiple levels within an organization and to create a developmental plan to accelerate progress.

Put simply, it is a 20 – 40 minute on-line questionnaire which provides accurate reports relevant to the individual, organisation and their selection and development needs.

Harrison Assessments review over 175 individual traits via our online secure site. The HATS technology has been continually upgraded over the past 20 years to maximise the accuracy of each report. As part of a global business, it is used in 25 countries and can be undertaken in 20 different languages. HATS has been used by many large and small companies including multi-national corporations and ‘Fortune 500 Companies’ - It works for every size business!

Our clients find Harrison Assessments reports easy to understand and apply - we explicitly trust the accuracy of the questionnaire results and predicted level of job performance.

Click on the various tabs on our web site to understand more about why we have our partnership Harrison Assessments.

If you still want more, Hodges Advisory Services has its own Harrison web site. This site provides additional information about Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions and how the various reports can help organisations.

Click here to visit the Hodges Advisory Service / Harrison website.


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